International Congress on Turkish World Social Sciences Research

International Congress on Turkish World Social Sciences Research will be held in Tirana, Albania, during 11-15 September, 2017. International Congress on Turkish World Social Sciences Research is sponsored by universities (Azerbaijan Academy of Sciences and Fon University), international organizations and state institutions.

The local organizing committee would like to invite you to the International Congress on Turkish World Social Sciences Research which will be held between 11-15 September 2017 in Tirana, Albania.

The congress presentation languages are Turkish and Turkish dialects, .


Each year, the Congress will offer the opportunity to exchange information with academicians working in the field of social sciences with different themes that are relevant to the Turkish World region.

This is the common value of the year. In this context, the main purpose of the congress is to evaluate the effects of social sciences and education in the theme of Turkish World countries.

Communiqués on the following subjects may be accepted provided that they are relevant to the Turkish World Countries:

  • Education
  • Information Management
  • Economy and Finance
  • Entrepreneurship and Business
  • management and organization
  • Law
  • Contact
  • Health, Sport, Tourism
  • History
  • Turkish World Countries Communities and Culture
  • Geography
  • accountancy and Finance
  • Statistics and Numerical Methods
  • Public administration
  • Sociology
  • Philosophy
  • psychology
  • Marketing
  • Production
  • Political science and international relations
  • Ethics and Moral Values
  • Anthropological Studies
  • Science Philosophy and Metedology
  • Language and Literature
  • Turkish Culture, Language and Literature
  • Silk Road and Economic Problems
  • Social Problems
  • Women's Studies
  • Youth Issues
  • Interactions and Relations of Turkish World Countries
  • Environmental problems
  • Religion and Beliefs
  • Folklore and Researches of Turkish World Countries
  • Art Works
  • Art History Studies
  • Archeology Studies
  • Common Problems of Turkish World Countries
  • Relations of Turkish World Countries to the Environment Countries and Societies
  • Media Studies
  • Transportation Problems
  • Technological Innovation and Technology Transfers Between Turkish Countriesfarming economy

News and Announcements

Awards and Publication Opportunities

The "best papers" awards will be given among the full text notices sent to the congress. Best paper award will be assessed separately for each field. Best papers will be determined according to the blind referee system.


Researcher of the year award
(Requirements: Being a congressman, being 40 years old and later, applying by CV)


Young researcher of the year award
(Requirements: Being a Congress Participant, Under age 40, Applying with a CV)


Special awards
(Proffered papers)


Poster awards
(First, Second, Third)


Oral presentation awards (First, Second, Third)

All awards will be presented to the relevant award ceremony will be held during the congress.

Those who do not attend the award ceremony are considered to have given up.

Important Dates


August 1, 2017


August 1, 2017 (Early Payment Deadline)
August 1-30, 2017 (Late Payment Deadline)


September 11-15, 2017


You can send your abstract and full texts to our Congress Management System. You can monitor their situation. You can get your invitation letter.
Click on the logo for the Congress Management System.

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